CulturalPatina-A Passion Fullfilled

SpecialtiesOur focus is on providing the highest quality art we can find from around the globe. From centuries worth of pottery, textiles, sculptures, paintings, and other adornments, at Cultural Patina you will find some of the best pieces of art, at a very user friendly gallery. Come see what it is like to hold a piece of pottery in your hands that was made over a thousand years ago. Our art comes from around the world, but we feature pieces from the American South West, Cuba, Central and South America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and North East India-Nagaland. All collections are for sale to the public from my home gallery by appointment.

HistoryEstablished in 2014. Dennis has traveled the world collecting vintage items from extraordinary cultures his entire life while conducting business and/or humanitarian efforts. His interests cover a broad range of cultural artifacts and art from the American Southwest, Africa, Asia, India, Cuba, and Central and South America to name a few places.In addition he has spent a good deal of his time on humanitarian programs with Lions Clubs International where his efforts have helped thousands. If you like western art, he has the largest collection of Ron Stewart art in the world and is the East Coast gallery. 

In addition, he has the second largest collection of authentic Naga Indian Art in the US. It is all authentic, meaning that it was made by the Naga and used by them in their ceremonies prior to 1982. At the present time, he is working on cataloging and curating his current collections for sale to the public.

Meet the Business Owner, Dennis BI have had a passion for collecting all things beautiful and unique my entire life and would like to share some of these items with others having a similar interest. Over time, the store will have representative items from the American South West, Asia, Middle East, Cuba, Central and South America, East Africa and Nagaland in North Eastern India. I strive to offer the best items that I have collected or can find for sale to both the casual and/or discriminating collector of unique cultural items from each of these areas of the world. I also try to focus on vintage, prehistoric, and historic items if I can find them. My interest is in pottery, textiles, art, bronze sculptures, and extraordinary pieces of adornment.

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